Creating & Sharing information by TXT

Who is YouTXT?

YouTXT is owned and operated by TXT Marketing Ltd, a New Zealand company with offices in Hamilton and Christchurch. YouTXT was founded by a group of entrepreneurs utilising technology innovations to enhance the mobile communications space, and has continued to grow with the use of TXT Messaging in New Zealand.

How does YouTXT work?

YouTXT is used by consumers seeking more information, like after seeing an ad for a new product they’re interested in. Or they might be wanting to know more about a house after reading a realestate board. It’s also used to get updates, like what time a DJ is playing at a club. If you have an RSS feed, we can direct that into YouTXT, to automate the Message updates as well.

You simply create a unique code and message using this website - then share it. The Website is connected to the Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees mobile networks so that when people TXT the Code to the YouTXT number, they receive back the message on their mobile phone. Anyone can TXT your code to 8808 for 50c and get the message you want to share. We also have 20c TXT service. Please contact us for this service.

For more information about YouTXT Ltd, or the latest YouTXT news check out our blog.

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