Creating & Sharing information by TXT

YouTXT API Access

YouTXT now offers exciting opportunities for developers to leverage the YouTXT platform in their own applications. You can create, edit, delete and view messages in the YouTXT system extremely easily and at no cost.

Getting started

Getting started with the YouTXT API is simple, easy and free. All you need is a YouTXT account which you can sign up for here. Once you have created your account you can run several commands against the YouTXT!  


You can access all the API commands at a single ASMX web service: CoreServices.asmx
With this service you can use the following web methods:
Each of these methods is fairly self explanatory – you can create, edit, delete and view messages. The methods that involve altering data (create, delete and update) will require that you provide you log in details to ensure that only you can change your messages.
To view the details of the web service methods please click here.

Your feedback

YouTXT is all about communication and that includes between you and us. We would love to hear about any uses of our API that you make or hear your suggestions on how we can make our service even more useful to you. If you would like to contact us with your thoughts or contribute to our blog we would love to hear what you think!